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Fri, May 1, 2009 @ 3:14PM
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Weekend Round-Up - 05-01-09

What a Jordan Hudkins may look like.

It's the last day of classes for Shepherd students. Final exams begin on Monday. Guaranteed, many of the younger set will be holed away in their dorms fastidiously studying, but even nerds need study breaks. Enter the Weekend Round-Up:
Do you know Jordan Hudkins? You don't? Well then I can safely assume that you are not a college aged hipster woman attracted to guys with an irreverant self-depricating sense of humor, cause they all have crushes on him. All of them. You're lying if you say otherwise, but it's kinda like being a hipster I guess: Real girls with crushes on Jordan Hudkins would never admit to having a crush on Jordan Hudkins, those that do admit to having a crush on Jordan Hudkins are just doing it to shame their parents.

Anyways, Jordan Hudkins is a central member of every band performing in Shepherdstown this weekend. No lie. He kicks the weekend off with a double-header tonight at Tony's, featuring The Demon Beat, with Hudkins on percussion, and the public debut of one of his many side projects Jude Universer, a pop band that sounds like one part The Moldy Peaches (for whom Jordan Hudkins plays alto kazoo) mixed with 90's superband Cake (those trumpets? All Hudkins). Show starts at 9 p.m., cover is $5 at the door, 18 and up.

At the Blue Moon tonight you can see some good ole pickin' courtesy of the Woodshedder's featuring Jordan Hudkins on the triangle. They're kinda like the house band of the Blue Moon. Show starts at 9 p.m. (Jordan Hudkins can manipulate spacetime). The 'Moon gets back into action the next night with a visit from Johnny Neel and Steve Ciafala and Jordan Hudkins, playing country, blues, and classic rock. Show starts at 9 p.m. as well, cover charge for both shows is $5, 21 and up.

The Meck Host's two bands this weekend, a rarity of late. New roots band Herb and Hanson and Hudkins play Friday, followed by Jordan Hudkins' foray into rock-a-billy with the Hellcombers on Saturday night. Cover charge is $5, 21 and up.

But is Jordan Hudkins all contemporary American music? Heck no. Jordan Hudkins is a multi-faceted musical dynamo whose breadth knows no limitations. You haven't lived until you've seen Jordan Hudkins engage in the ritual tri-tonal meditation chants of the Tibetan Buddhists, which you can do tonight at the Frank Arts Center. As part of their closing ceremony The Mystical Arts of Tibet featuring Jordan Hudkins presents Sacred Music, Sacred Dance, where Jordan Hudkins takes the audience on a magical journey through eastern spiritualism and culture. Show starts at 8 p.m. (again, he can manipulate spacetime)general admission is $15, with senior and student discounts.

Same place, same time, but the next night, you can see Jordan Hudkins lead the Masterworks Chorale in a stirring rendition of Carmina Burana, a little ditty Hudkins wrote for his Music 101 final a few years back. Jordan Hudkins, you god-man, how do you do it?