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 I have roughly 1000 words between me and summer.

Its just now noon. 
Today I have already taken my fitness final, talked the bookstore into buying back my biology book (+$70), deposited my $600 federal refund check into the bank (though its really only $300 because of something or another..which blows), cooked lunch, did dishes, and swept and mopped the floor (first time mopped since we lived here in 5 months...gross).

Now I just need to finish this paper for advertising and imagery, have a few friends or maybe dad look over and revise it, and then send it off and I'm DONE, SON!

Once this paper is done, today will be a good day.
Its my last day of finals, its cinco de mayo, I'm 21, and I'm going to go out and drink with friends to celebrate all of the above! 

Im also having this documentry on The Kills, "The Kills: I Hate The Way You Love" on repeat in the background since its only on the internet for free for a week. At some point I need to look that up and get a copy. This is an amazing documentry. And I think it came out in 2004, so there may be another one in progress. 

Okay, I've got to stop procrastinating and get this done so I can enjoy today, summer, life.
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